Environmental Zones (Umweltzonen)

In order to improve the air quality in many cities, Germany has introduced environmental zones in many areas. All four wheeled vehicles are required to bear an environmental sticker in the right hand bottom corner of their windscreen to show the emission level of their car.

There are three colours of stickers: a green sticker implies that the car is environmentally friendly and can enter all cities and areas; a yellow sticker is acceptable in many areas but may have restrictions entering larger inner city areas; a red sticker shows that the emissions are less acceptable.

As a general rule, cars with a petrol fuelled engine and catalytic converter usually receive a green sticker, diesel fuelled cars need to pass emission tests and cars which do not have a catalytic converter cannot obtain a sticker at all. Cars bearing a red sticker or cars not possessing a sticker are not able to enter environmental areas without being fined. Designated environmental zones can be recognised by traffic signs placed upon entry. If your car does not bear the right emission sticker you are not allowed to enter the area.

Cities that have environmental zones include Berlin, Cologne, Hanover, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart , Bremen, Munich, Frankfurt, Heidelberg and many other smaller cities around Germany. For a detailed view of the environmental zones, see the following website: www.umwelt-plakette.de

Please keep in mind that foreign cars are also required to display a sticker to enter German environmental zones. It is advisable to purchase one three weeks before your arrival in Germany. The stickers can be obtained for the price of 5 Euros at the vehicle inspection station (TÜV) or for the price of 6 Euros by ordering per Internet. In order to obtain a sticker, you must present the car’s registration papers, which show its emission levels.

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