Education in Germany


A kindergarten is a wonderful place for your child to learn how to socially interact with other children of his or her own age. Children from the ages of 3 to 6 can attend pre-school if their parents choose to send them there, pre-school education is not mandatory in Germany.

The German Public Education System

The German school system may seem quite different from the one in the country you are coming from. At first it may seem confusing but soon you will understand how it works. Children are required to start school at the age of six. They attend elementary school from grades 1 to 4 and usually have the same teacher for these 4 years.

Higher Education in Germany

If you or one of your family members would like to continue your education in Germany there are a number of institutes and degrees available that offer both undergraduate and graduate programmes. The Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees have recently been introduced to German Universities and Fachhochschulen (Universities of Applied Science), adjoining and sometimes replacing the German Diplom degree.

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