About Fidelio Relocation

Fidelio Relocation was founded in 1997 in Germany, and our main office is in Frankfurt.

Our aim is to reintegrate people into their new environment as quickly and comfortably as possible. We pay special attention to family members that have to move due to the profession of someone in the family, as this is can be very stressful.

At the same time we want our work to link different cultures, creating a bond that will help people having to relocate, before and after the actual move has happened. This, in the end, is what will prepare our customers and their families from different cultures, and dispel any uncertainties before they become an issue.

Honest, long term cooperation and communication with our clients, partners and staff is particularly important to us.

Relocation of staff can provide risks for any company, especially when considering the magnitude of variables and intricacy of dealing with one or more project-related relocations, which can be very strenuous.

International firms cannot afford to cancel a relocation if the spouse or partner opposes it. This can make a work-related move a very complex challenge, especially for the expat and his/her family.

Global Relocater in GermanyFor a company, an exchange of personnel has to be efficient and quick. However, a failed transaction can become an expensive issue, which is hard to avoid without qualified support. Some projects cannot succeed without that certain know-how.

A well planned re-integration can ensure that the expat can show his/her full work potential as soon as possible, pushing the international project closer to success.

HR - One-stop Relocation

We support and collaborate with company HR departments in a transparent and unbiased manner, from the beginning to the completion of the relocation process.

Our one-stop relocation offers:

  • direct feedback to the HR department
  • single point of contact to other co-operation partners
  • a personal contact for the expat for the entire relocation
  • a Hotline for the entire exchange, with which the expat can discuss problems and requirements objectively, reducing the workload of company HR staff dealing with the expat.
Fidelio Main Office: +49 69 40 56 499-1 · info(bittekeinspam)fidelio-relocation.de