Buying a Car in Germany

Buying a car in Germany can be very exciting! There are many possibilities ranging from a brand new German-made automobile to a well kept used foreign-made car.

Buying a new or used car from a dealership has its advantages: they offer a guarantee which means that you will have someone to turn to if you have any problems. They will also take care of licensing, the (TÜV) maintenance check M.O.T and all other forms of paperwork. Cars in Germany are relatively expensive; however, there are some ways to save on the price. Some dealers will give you a discount for paying cash. Others will allow you to negotiate special extras such as a stereo system, navigation system or a sun roof when purchasing a new vehicle. Some dealers offer a special rate for cars that were registered for just one day, giving them a “used” car price. Another way to reduce the cost is to trade in your car. You can make very good deals buying a “Jahreswagen”, a car which is only one year old. Feel free to negotiate!

Buying a used car is a much less expensive buy. Keep in mind, should you purchase the car privately you will not be given a guarantee. Things to bear in mind while looking for a used car are: the next date for TÜV (inspection), date of registration, type of catalytic converter and the number of owners the car has had. For privately buying and selling a used car, it is strongly recommended to use the standard contract obtainable from the ADAC. It contains all necessary fair clauses to protect buyers and sellers and also shows you how to handle the transitions of insurance and automobile tax responsibilities. If you are concerned about getting the car registered and insured on your own, most dealers will be happy to handle it for you for a fee. Considering the language difficulties that one often has immediately after moving to Germany, paying the fees may be a good idea.

If you are planning to buy a used car, there are a number of Internet sites available; and can be used in English as well as in some other languages. Most newspapers have a used car section on Saturdays.

Financing a car can be done through the manufacturer or through a bank. Financing a used car is possible but not quite as easy or inexpensive as financing a new car. It is wise to check out different offers as interest rates can vary quite a bit depending on which institute you are dealing with. Financing periods can range from 24 to 60 or more months. The best rates are offered when a down payment is made.

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