We would like to thank you for putting your trust in our services, especially for letting us deal with your very personal matters; moreover, for relying upon our experience, our ability to deal with sensitive issues, our discretion and, at times, also on our assertiveness. We are looking forward to taking on new challenges.

Fidelio is a service provider specialising in individual removal services for expatriates and their families as well as private persons wishing to make use of our customised service, both nationally and internationally.

Fidelio Relocation Service

Fidelio Relocation is a company that specialises in getting you started in your new life, in the safest possible way. We are an international relocater, offering a relocation service for people from every continent.

Diversity is the key

We believe that diversity is the key to developing new ideas, because different personalities and nationalities can collaborate to produce more original ideas.

The work we do is designed to support the exchange of employees in businesses, but also in other areas, such as politics, the sciences, and the arts. We do not see the relocation of personnel simply as a transfer of “labour”, but as:

  • an opportunity to absorb different cultures and customs
  • our contribution towards global integration and unity

Relocation services for expats and individuals

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Benefits for companies and HR departments

Reducing the workload of HR staff dealing with the expat.
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Successful relocation service provider since 1997

A selection of our international references.
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FAQ : Relocation to Germany

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and answers about Germany.
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