German Laws and Legal Systems

Excerpts from the German legal system

Of course, the German legal system differs greatly from those of other countries. This summary will give you an overview of the major structure of the German system which may prove to be useful to you during your stay in Germany.

General aspects of the German law system

The German law system distinguishes between ordinary jurisdiction and special jurisdiction. Ordinary jurisdiction comprises civil law and criminal law. Civil law mainly deals with family, law of succession, monetary and tenants law.

Costs of legal consultation and representation

Cost of legal consultation and representation in Germany are relatively high. Before you undertake any action whatsoever involving a lawyer, make sure you are aware of his or her fees for the initial consultation, which can be up to 190 Euros plus 19% VAT.

Legal protection insurance

The following legal protection insurances might be important for you during your stay in Germany, i.e. legal protection insurance for labour issues, road traffic issues, civil law cases and family law issues. These insurances usually come with an excess of 150 Euro.

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