Utilities & Services

Contact details for the main utility companies (water, electricity, gas, fuel oil) can be obtained from your landlord, the previous tenant or the local commune. When making arrangements, make sure the previous tenants have paid all the bills.


German electricity is on 220 V, 50 Hz. European-style round, two-pin plugs are the standard. Electricity is supplied by regional companies but, depending on where you live, you will have a choice of other suppliers such as environmentally friendly or nuclear energy companies.

In most cases, the tenant will have to register with the utility company. Bills are issued either monthly or every two months based on consumption estimates.

A meter reading will be taken once a year and your bill will be adjusted accordingly.


Water is often included in the rent. However, if a meter has been installed or if you live in a house, you will receive a monthly bill for consumption estimates, the meter will be read once a year and the bill adjusted accordingly. Tap water in Germany is considered safe to drink and is not fluoridated.

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