Etiquette at your Place of Work

Punctuality is very high on the list of essential business etiquette in Germany. Germans follow their appointment books very rigorously. Don’t keep your business contact waiting!! Please inform the person who is expecting you if you are going to be late.

Although it is not unusual to see a doctor in jeans, the appropriate office dress code is quite conservative. Men wear suits and ties and women wear dresses, dress pants or skirts with blouses. Skirts that are too short, shoes that are too high or blouses that are too deep cut are not seen as appropriate.

Greet each of your business contacts with a handshake. While introducing yourself, repeat your last name. If your business contact has a title, such as Dr. or Prof. please use it. If he or she has more than one title, use all of them. It is not uncommon to address someone as Dr. Prof. Schmidt, it is customary in Germany to do so.

Privacy is very important. If a door is closed, please knock on it and wait until someone says you can come in.

Germans seem to be very upfront in comparison to the way British people communicate with each other. This can often cause misunderstandings. Your German counterpart will not beat around the bush saying that something needs to be done or changed. He will say it the way it is. It may take a while to get used to this direct way of speaking. It is not seen as being impolite or harsh but as precise, honest and straight forward.

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