Making a Telephone Call

Making a Telephone Call Within Germany

Germans answer their phone by saying their last name. Equally, as a caller you are expected to say your last name before asking to speak to someone else.

German area codes start with a 0”. While making a telephone call within Germany you will need to dial the area code plus telephone number to make a national call. If you are calling someone within the same area code, you will not need to dial it.

To make a telephone call to another country from Germany, you will need the international access code of 00 plus the country code as well as the area code and telephone number. Within Europe, the 0 as the first digit of the area code must be omitted.

Making a Telephone Call to Germany

Friends and family calling you here will need to dial their international access code of 00 or 011 depending on where they live, then the country code 49 for Germany. Next comes the area code without 0 and finally the telephone number.

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