Fidelio Relocation in Stuttgart is a service provider specialising in individual removal services for expatriates and their families as well as private persons wishing to make use of our customised service, both nationally and internationally.

Fidelio Relocation Service in Stuttgart

Fidelio Relocation specialises in getting you started in your new life, in the safest possible way. We are an global relocater, offering a individual relocation service in Stuttgart and 23 German cities.

Information about Stuttgart

Relocation Service in StuttgartLocated at the heart of Europe in the Nesenbach basin, near the Black Forest, Lake Constance, and the Alps, Stuttgart is an important knot on the high-speed rail route between Paris and Budapest/Bratislava. Due to its basin location, it enjoys a relatively warm and rain-poor climate with maximum summer temperatures of 40°C.

Lively, innovative, and friendly, the Swabian capital city on the Neckar river also charms with its decidedly cosmopolitan flair and has a lot more to offer than its traditional image as a stuffy provincial nest with lots of car companies. People from 170 different nations have made Stuttgart their home: 40% of Stuttgart's 600,000 residents have a migratory background - Germany's largest percentage. Moreover, Stuttgart becomes the new home of around 42,600 people every year. This multicultural climate makes the city an open-minded, sociable and harmonious place to live.

Work in Stuttgart

In the past few years, Stuttgart has managed the transition from well-known industrial location with Germany's highest rate of exports to innovative center for high-tech and service providers  with the industry's largest number of employees in Europe. It is now not only home to big German-international industrial companies like Porsche, Mercedes, Bosch or Kärcher, but also to IT global players like IBM and Hewlett Packard. Moreover, it is the third largest financial center in Germany, housing more than 100 financial institutes.

Living in Stuttgart

Living in Stuttgart is very expensive compared to other German cities. In recent years, the average net monthly rent – in every city district- climbed to the present €7.40/sq m. The range starts at €4.70/sq m for relatively simple housing in older buildings,  and goes up to €12.20/sq m for high-end homes in newly-constructed buildings.

Rent in Stuttgart as of 2019

District Rent in €/qm District Rent in €/qm
Bad Cannstatt 16,32 € Plieningen 14,81 €
Birkach 16,97 € Riedenberg 13,30 €
Botnang 14,51 € Rohr 13,27 €
Degerloch 17,59 € Rohracker 14,39 €
Feuerbach 15,58 € Rot 15,78 €
Freiberg 17,29 € Schönberg 13,90 €
Giebel 13,18 € Sillenbuch 13,89 €
Hedelfingen 13,99 € Sommerrain 14,09 €
Heumaden 14,83 € Sonnenberg 17,28 €
Hof 14,11 € Stammheim 13,58 €
Hoffeld 15,46 € Steckfeld 20,33 €
Stuttgart-Mitte 20,24 € Stuttgart Süd 19,28 €
Möhringen 16,34 € Uhlbach 12,97 €
Mühlhausen 16,91 € Untertürkheim 14,77 €
Münster 15,23 € Vaihingen 15,57 €
Neugereut 11,71 € Wangen 17,35 €
Stuttgart-Nord 19,38 € Weilimdorf 15,18 €
Obertürkheim 17,21 € Stuttgart-West 19,07 €
Stuttgart-Ost 19,14 € Zuffenhausen 14,48 €

Rental prices in the Stuttgart area

City Rent in €/qm City Rent in €/qm
Esslingen am Neckar 7,47 € – 15,20 € Leonberg 8,24 € - 14,40 €
Plochingen 7,21 € – 11,59 € Ditzingen 7,40 € - 12,70 €
Sindelfingen 9,70 € - 11,80 € Ludwigsburg 7,46 € - 15,15 €
Böblingen 7,47 € - 15,38€    

Erziehung und AusbildungStuttgart aims to become Germany’s most child-friendly city, with a variety of family-friendly policies in terms of childcare and individual educational support before and during the classic school career: there are more than 500 private or state-funded daycare centers for children under 14 - from creches to full-day nurseries to after-school care centers and special primary school support classes. Moreover, 100 nurseries, 7 primary schools and 16 secondary schools operate as full-day schools. Stuttgart also has six international preschools, two international schools (from kindergarten age to 18), and three private and boarding schools.

Stuttgart is one of Europe's greenest cities

300m is the average distance a resident has to walk to find greenery like the “Green U” stretching from the Schlossgärten gardens to Killesberg hill, and 40%  of the land within the city's boundaries is either a nature or landscape preservation area. The cultural life also enjoys great diversity: the art museum and the State gallery, the State theater - one among around a dozen stages in the city, many cinemas and various city festivals reflect the modernity and liveliness of the Swabian capital.    

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