Fidelio Relocation in Cologne is a service provider specialising in individual removal services for expatriates and their families as well as private persons wishing to make use of our customised service, both nationally and internationally.

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Fidelio Relocation specialises in getting you started in your new life, in the safest possible way. We are an global relocater, offering a individual relocation service in Bonn and other 23 German cities.

Information about Bonn

Relocation Service in BonnLocated on the Rhine in Germany's most populous region and most densely settled urban region, the Rhein-Ruhr, Bonn, the former capital of Germany, is the so-called gateway to the romantic middle Rhine.  Long derided as the “capital village”, the city looks back on 2,000 years of history and is one of Germany's oldest. Its pleasant tranquility and somewhat laid-back style are what attracts tourist and newcomers alike, along with its wealth of culture and bustling city center.

Bonn experienced a rapid structural change after the government definitely moved to Berlin in 1999, switching focus from government agencies to science and culture and adopting the new slogan – a word-play inspired by its most famous son, Beethoven - “Freude. Joy. Joie. Bonn”. It remains a centre of politics and administration to this day, however. Of Bonn's 325,000 residents, roughly a third is of non-German origin as of 2010, from close to 180 countries around the world. 

Working in Bonn

Bonn is the seat of some of Germany's largest corporate players, chiefly in the areas of telecommunications and logistics: it is home to the head office of Deutsche Telekom, its subsidiary T-Mobile, as well as German photovoltaic technology pioneer SolarWorld.  Another 16,000 small and medium-sized companies further support the city's transition from mainly governmental functions to an internationally competitive business structure. Technology clusters have emerged as a result of the close exchange between business and science, for example in the field of information and communication technologies and the health sector. Furthermore, the city has developed into a hub of international cooperation, in particular in the area of environment and sustainable development. In addition to a number of other international organizations and institutions, Bonn currently hosts 18 United Nations institutions.

Living in Bonn

Rents in Bonn are significantly above the German average with the average net monthly rent now amounting to €9.50/sq m. The range starts at €6.00/sq m for relatively simple housing in pre-1948 apartments, and goes up to €11.00/sq m for brand-new apartments in newly-constructed buildings. The level of rents is highly dependent on the location, the most expensive residential areas being those near the city center.

Education and childcare

Erziehung und AusbildungBonn, like most larger cities in North-Rhine-Westphalia, is well placed in comparison with other German cities for its provision of education and childcare. Most of its municipal nurseries and pre-schools offer full-day care, while there are several international nurseries and pre-schools near the preferred residential areas or workplaces of the international community. The range of educational institutions also includes private and international or bilingual schools, in the city or in outer districts.

Bonn and Beethoven, its greatest son, are inextricably linked: Bonn has a Beethoven house, a Beethoven concert hall, the famous Beethoven festival and the Beethoven orchestra, to name just a few examples. But the city's cultural landscape also offers five world-class museums along the “museum mile”, for example, as well as several theater stages. The Rheinaue Leisure Park, located at the geographical heart of the city and almost as big as the city center itself, makes Bonn justifiably proud of its greenery - along  with 25 other parks.

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My experience with Fidelio Relocation when moving from Mexico to Germany was pretty good as this was my first international assignment the level of orientation that they gave me and the quality on their attention to my needs was highly appreciated specially for those topics related to my children as they are from different ages they had different needs that were covered very professionally by Fidelio. Additionally when I was relocated again to my home country the support from them was beyond my expectations because even when I was already relocated in Mexico they helped me remotely to close the pending topics that couldn't be closed before my departure. I'm very satisfied with the service Fidelio provided me and I would recommend them for people going into the same situation.

Ricardo Martinez, Mexiko

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