Fidelio Relocation in Frankfurt am Main is a service provider specialising in individual removal services for expatriates and their families as well as private persons wishing to make use of our customised service, both nationally and internationally.

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Fidelio Relocation specialises in getting you started in your new life, in the safest possible way. We are an global relocater, offering a individual relocation service in Frankfurt am Main and 23 German cities.

Information about Frankfurt am Main

Relocation Service in Frankfurt am MainFrankfurt's central location in the geographical center of the Rhein-Main region and its 5,8 m residents make it one of Germany's, and indeed of Europe's, most important hub after Cologne. The city has a long-standing history as a trade and commercial centre. Beyond the skyline of banking and financial skyscrapers that earned it nicknames like “Mainhattan” or “Bankfurt”, however, the “world's smallest metropolis” that is Frankfurt shows the flair of a picturesque village with its many historical districts and garden plots where more local dialect is spoken than Business English.

With its 680,000 inhabitants, Frankfurt strictly speaking is not really a metropolis but still the fifth largest in Germany. Its population is not only augmented daily by the  320,000 commuters from the whole region, but is also constantly growing thanks to the around 56,000 newcomers from the rest of Germany and around the world who move to the city every year. Immigrants from 180 countries – every fourth resident - have made the city their new home and enrich its cultural and business life.

Working in Frankfurt

Global Relocater in FrankfurtFrankfurt is one of the world's most important financial centres and home to over 220 banks - including the European Central Bank and the Deutsche Bundesbank – as well as the Frankfurt stock exchange, the fourth largest stock market in the world. It is also one of the top three cities for international companies in Europe, along with London and Paris: the range of industries settled in the city goes from accountancy & professional services and management consultancy, over real estate and law firms, to advertising, food, automotive or construction companies, all of them among the largest and best-known in Germany or worldwide. Furthermore, Frankfurt is a world-famous centre for trade fairs and exhibitions, with around 2.2m visitors attracted to the more than 40 trade fairs every year.

Living in Frankfurt Main

Rents in Frankfurt are among Germany's highest: in recent years, the average net monthly rent climbed to €10.00/sq m, with other cities of the Rhein-Main region in the same league, such as Darmstadt, Bad Homburg or Wiesbaden. The range starts at €7.50/sq m for relatively simple housing in pre-1948 apartments, and goes up to €12.00/sq m for brand-new apartments in newly-constructed buildings. The high level of rents affects all sizes of apartments and heavily depends on the location, especially in the city, with rents in central, popular areas going up to €16.00/sq m.

Average rents in and around Frankfurt, as of 2019

District Rent in €/qm District Rent in €/qm
Altstadt 21,50 € Kalbach 12,87 €
Bad Homburg 13,67 € Nied 13,31 €
Bad Soden 13,98 € Idstein 11,70 €
Bahnhofsviertel 23,77 € Nieder-Erlenbach 10,44 €
Bergen-Enkheim 12,51 € Nieder-Eschbach 11,72 €
Bockenheim 17,58 € Niederrad 18,47 €
Bonames 14,17 € Nordend 19,70 €
Bornheim 18,42 € Oberrad 15,71 €
Dornbusch 14,17 € Oberursel 16,79 €
Dreieich 11,57 Ostend 17,83 €
Eckenheim 13,77 € Praunheim 12,32 €
Eschersheim 15,23 € Preungesheim 13,03 €
Fechenheim 12,33 € Riedberg 15,94 €
Flughafen 12,08 € Riederwald 13,10 €
Gallusviertel 16,99 € Rödelheim 14,01 €
Ginnheim 14,54 € Sachsenhausen 17,90 €
Griesheim 13,28 € Schwanheim 12,67 €
Gutleutviertel 16,23 € Seckbach 13,03 €
Hausen 15,04 € Sindlingen 13,25 €
Heddernheim 14,56 € Sossenheim 11,72 €
Höchst 12,53 € Unterliederbach 15,76 €
Hofheim 11,07 € Westend 2,30 €
Education and childcare

Erziehung und AusbildungFrankfurt offers a wide variety of education and childcare possibilities, with about 600 municipal and private day care centers, from preschools to highschools. Several preschools, primary and secondary schools offer bilingual, sometimes trilingual lessons, and the city is home to Europe's largest international school, among around 35 international educational facilities. 

A multicultural metropolis with village flair, Frankfurt offers a varied and comprehensive cultural offering that has earned it an excellent reputation at both the national and international level: the ‘Museumsufer’ with its 11 world-class museums and 50 other museums and galleries, the opera house, 10 private and 2 English-speaking theater stages – the diversity of Frankfurt’s cultural landscape is both a surprise and and an inspiration for every newcomer.

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