A selection of our international references.

Very good, relevant information, pros and cons for each and every apartment alternative, informative city tour and a smooth handling of necessities like banking and city council administration. A great support and commitment!

Kent Nordin, Sweden

Everything was very well prepared and saved a lot of time and nerves! I was very satisfied!!!

Michael Czech, Austria

Daniela was very approachable and friendly and understood my needs. She provided me with a wide range of apartments to view, and was very clear to make sure that I was making the right decision.

Caroline McEwen, UK

Fidelio was very good in all aspects! Thank you!

Jaime Cornellana, Spain

Easy to communicate, quick response and professional Service.

Robert Wang, China

I had always extra services received, most of them anticipating my needs and problems. All procedures were very well explained and followed up. All I asked was more than enough fulfilled. I have no further recommendations, since the service was much better than I ever expected.

Fausto Campos Camargo, Brasilia


Timely, good service addressed to my needs; very helpful information package and the personal contact is really appreciated.

Bastian Grobben, Netherlands

My wife and I spent some time remembering our arrival to Germany, and all the links that we needed to reconnect in our new home town in order to start a new life again a country with different language, standards, and customs. Fidelio Relocation provided fast and reliable services to us prior to leaving our home country till the time we arrived, and even 1 1/2 years after. They arranged for us to be picked-up at the airport when we first arrived and found us a very suitable temporary accommodation for our first month, all of which allowed us to feel settled in our first few days in Germany. Within our first month, Daniela quickly resolved our documentation needs (E.g. residence permit, driving licences, insurances, etc.) and secured our longer-term housing accommodation with all necessary communication services. Now with the arrival of our second baby in Germany, Daniela is still helping us with all of the necessary paper work. Fidelio Relocation has demonstrated professionalism and dependable services which has permitted me to focus on my work with little distractions and most importantly, allowed my family and me to enjoy living and learning the new customs of this country since we landed.

Luis Polifroni, Canada

Very helpful, made the whole process easy.

Katie Tebbat, UK

I felt well-taken come of when joining Düsseldorf. Everything worked out smoothly! I was in good hands!!!

Anna Sundström, Sweden

Very personal and friendly, customer orientated service. Thank you very much, Fidelio!

Georg Schnabel, Austria

I was very well welcomed. All the appointments/registrations, etc. were very well organized. I always received requested info. Thank you.

Elena Marttinyuk,

Right from April 2007, I am in contact with FIDELIO Relocation regarding various relocation supports like Visa, residence and work permits, searching a flat and propper school for children, and time to time guidance on government and other office work. Normally, I got excellent support and to the point of advice.

Kumar Bhattarya, India

For me it was very pleasant experience to work with Fidelio. It made my transition as smooth as possible to a new country. The service mentality was of the excellent quality. Honestly I can not pick any area for recommending changes, just keep up the good work. Thanks for your help and wish you all the best.

Ritu Sharma, India

Any time that I had a question or problem I was able to contact FIDELIO and get a response quickly. They went out of their way to accompany me on bank / government needs to ensure that I got what I needed. Daniela was very professional and helpful in every aspect of my relocation. The transition to Germany was made much easier by Daniela and her team.

David Melotti, Kansas USA


Daniela took the lead on what was needed and when it was needed. She knew everything about services, paperwork, etc. I really don’t know how I would have managed without her. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all of your help!

Mara Michaels, USA

There are always quick response and feedback from FIDELIO Relocation. I am quite happy with that. Likelihood I would recommend FIDELIO to my colleagues!

Jane Chen, China

My experience with Fidelio Relocation when moving from Mexico to Germany was pretty good as this was my first international assignment the level of orientation that they gave me and the quality on their attention to my needs was highly appreciated specially for those topics related to my children as they are from different ages they had different needs that were covered very professionally by Fidelio. Additionally when I was relocated again to my home country the support from them was beyond my expectations because even when I was already relocated in Mexico they helped me remotely to close the pending topics that couldn't be closed before my departure. I'm very satisfied with the service Fidelio provided me and I would recommend them for people going into the same situation.

Ricardo Martinez, Mexiko

I personally found Fidelio to provide a valuable service. They were professional, efficient and very friendly I would highly recommend their services.

Paul Imbush, Ireland

Very smooth process, high quality level of service, nice and friendly contact.

David Soenen, Belgium

Administrative part is one of the challenges, which people have to face when relocating to another country. It is important to rely on someone who understands the local rules from viewpoint of the foreigner. The cooperation with Fidelio was a very nice experience as I could completely rely on their flexibility and knowledge how to make things running.

Lubomir Jendrol, Slowakia

We must say Fidelio helped us a lot to relocate to Düsseldorf. Everything was well organized and on time. She was there to support us with any issue/question we had. Definitely she is well informed and has good connections in this business. We count on her when an advice is needed. Thanks Fidelio!

Sonia Rubio and Rafael Salgado, Spain

Fidelio was of great help getting started in Düsseldorf, from opening a bank account, to looking at real estate, getting registered, providing information about the city and its surroundings, a real super start. Also the time the Fidelio team took, I never had the feeling things needed to be rushed although I know they have a very busy schedule.

Paul Keur, Netherlands

Moving can be extremely stressful! There are a lot of things to consider such as language, kids school, home search, paper work, insurance, driving, utilities, culture, health services etc. You could easily list down a long list. Due to my job we had the pleasure to get services from Fidelio team in total 4 times in/out of Germany from/to different countries. Fidelio is not only offering moving your furniture but gives a full professional and friendly service covering all the aspects of moving from/to foreign country. Very friendly staff, extremely flexible in problem solving, high level of professionalism in all complex matters make Fidelio different than others. We strongly and definitely recommend Fidelio team to any expatriates who has the courage to relocate. Just get in contact to Fidelio and forget all the possible stressful thoughts on your mind about relocation.

Orno Family, Turkey

They were really kind and always looking for something to help with. N/A, it is totally great.

Miguel Aguilera, Mexiko

From the very beginning, Ms Daniela Wüstenberg was very well experienced and was very helpful in coordinating and supervising. She took us all the way through to our settlement professionally without any problems. We would like to thank Ms Daniela Wüstenberg for the efforts and support she provided us with relocating in such a short period of time.

Nuket and Emre Özgur, Izmir

FIDELIO was given the responsibility of helping me in the Visa procedures, inducting me to Düsseldorf, finding an apartment to stay, assist in making Residence Permit, assist in the tax documents and assist me in finding the right insurance plans. I would describe their service as reliable and fast. In terms of criticality, all the crucial tasks were handled efficiently and quickly and there were no hassles of any sort. This, I believe is what makes them reliable. Apart from this, I liked the care and attention given to all my requirements. None of my queries and concerns were left unattended. Because of the experience and knowledge Mrs. Wüstenberg has, everything was handled smoothly. Special thanks to Daniela and Laura.

Kushal Kollı, India



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