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Fidelio Relocation Service in Cologne

Fidelio Relocation specialises in getting you started in your new life, in the safest possible way. We are an global relocater, offering a individual relocation service in Cologne and other 23 German cities.

Information about Cologne

Relocation Service in CologneLocated on the Rhine in Germany's most populous region and most densely settled urban region, the Rhein-Ruhr, Köln is Germany's fourth biggest city and North-Rhine-Westphalia's most populous city. With its seven bridges over the river – affectionately called “Father Rhine” -  and ten motorways, this metropolis truly is the heart of the Rhineland region, a fact of which the locals are as much proud as of the spires of their world-famous cathedral, the no less world-famous local beer Kölsch or the popular festivities of the carnival season.

Since May 2010, Cologne is officially Germany's fourth city  - metropolis - with over 1 million residents after Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, thanks to around 440 newcomers who pushed the population over the 1 million mark. It is one of the few communities in North-Rhine-Westphalia that actually has a growing population, a trend that urban planners reckon will remain stable in the next two decades. Almost every third resident has migrated to the city, with around 17% of the population being non-German.

Working in Cologne

Cologne presents an impressive mix of different industries such as manufacturing, services and logistics, telecommunication, automotive and the media, and hence is home to a Who's Who of industrial well-known names such as Ford, Toyota, Volvo, Citroën, Renault, Mazda, Bayer, Deutsche Telekom, and TV network RTL – one of 11 TV networks and radio stations implanted in the city. It is also the Number 1 trade fair and convention center for over 25 business sectors,  and one of Europe's most important transport hubs thanks to its international airport, five Rhine ports and ten motorways.

Living in Cologne

Rents in Cologne began soaring as the city's population crossed 1 million: the average net monthly rent is now €9.50/sq m. The range starts at €5.60/sq m for relatively simple housing in pre-1948 apartments, and goes up to €11.00/sq m for brand-new apartments in newly-constructed buildings, the  level of rents being highly dependent on the location.

Rentals in Cologne, as of 2019

District Rent in €/qm District Rent in €/qm
Altstadt & Neustadt-Nord 16,54 € Müngersdorf 12,39 €
Altstadt & Neustadt-Süd 16,65 € Neubrück 8,55 €
Bayenthal 13,71 € Neuehrenfeld 13,02 €
Bickendorf 11,73 € Niehl 11,92 €
Braunsfeld 12,88 € Nippes 13,15 €
Dellbrück 10,27 € Pesch 9,59 €
Deutz 12,66 € Raderberg 13,65 €
Dünnwald 10,21 € Rhiel 11,75 €
Ehrenfeld 14,35 € Rodenkirchen 12,39 €
Ensen 11,18 € Sülz 14,20 €
Flittard 8,88 € Sürth 11,66 €
Heimersdorf 10,05 € Urbach 10,63 €
Junkersdorf 12,92 € Vogelsang 11,52 €
Klettenberg 12,80 € Weiden 11,77 €
Lindenthal 14,15 € Weidenpesch 10,32 €
Lövenich 10,99 € Weiß 11,31 €
Marienburg 13,43 € Widdersdorf 10,59 €
Merkenich  10,63 € Zollstock 12,14 €
Mühlheim 12,00 €
Education and childcare

Erziehung und AusbildungCologne, like most larger cities in North-Rhine-Westphalia, is well placed in comparison with other German cities for its provision of education and childcare. Its primary schools, for instance, are full-day schools, while more and more day care for children under three, secondary and high schools are expanding to also offer full-day care. The city has around 10 international or bilingual educational facilities, from kindergarden and preschool to high school. 

Cologne is a a world city at the heart of Germany's most creative, exciting and most original cultural region. It has 60 theaters, around two dozens museums and more than 70 smaller art galleries and stages where newcomers will encounter Cologne's special humour and typical Rhineland attitude to life. 800 sports clubs and plenty of renowned sporting events, as well as Cologne's green belt, a recreational band of spacious parks on the site of the former defensive walls stretching around the heart of the city and some of its outer districts on both sides of the Rhine, will meet every need of the more active or outdoor-loving newcomer. 

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My experience with Fidelio Relocation when moving from Mexico to Germany was pretty good as this was my first international assignment the level of orientation that they gave me and the quality on their attention to my needs was highly appreciated specially for those topics related to my children as they are from different ages they had different needs that were covered very professionally by Fidelio. Additionally when I was relocated again to my home country the support from them was beyond my expectations because even when I was already relocated in Mexico they helped me remotely to close the pending topics that couldn't be closed before my departure. I'm very satisfied with the service Fidelio provided me and I would recommend them for people going into the same situation.

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