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Fidelio Relocation Service in Hamburg

Fidelio Relocation specialises in getting you started in your new life, in the safest possible way. We are an global relocater, offering a individual relocation service in Hamburg and 23 German cities.

Information about Hamburg

Relocation Service in HamburgLocated between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea on the Elbe, the city-state of Hamburg is the true international gateway of Germany, its seaport makes it a major transport hub in Northern Germany and in Europe. At the heart of the city and Hamburg's symbol, it has given it historic attractions such as the Reeperbahn, which developed as a sailors' pleasure paradise, or the famous Fish Market, or the historic Speicherstadt, the world's largest warehouse complex.  Hamburg’s nearly 2,500 bridges — the most in Europe — also have a special charm.

The closeness to water is probably what gives the 1,77m “Fischköpfe” - “fish heads”, as Hamburg residents are affectionately called – their famous cool-headedness and laid-back attitude. Hamburg is the second-largest city in Gemany and the sixth-largest in the EU. 30% of residents have a migrant background, originating from 180 countries. The city's population is steadily growing: around 73,000 newcomers make the city their new home every year.

Working in Hamburg

Hamburg is without a doubt a boom town. It has Germany's highest GDP, despite a few setbacks in the recent economic crisis. The city's most significant employer is the seaport, which ranks second only to Rotterdam in Europe and 9th worldwide. Hamburg is the third largest civilian aircraft center in the world after Seattle and Toulouse with Lufthansa Technik and Airbus Deutschland, the aircraft construction company. Other important economic sectors the media, IT, telecommunications, tourism and health. Of Germany´s 500 most profitable companies, 36 are in Hamburg, including well-known names such as Beiersdorf, Hapag Lloyd, Helm, Shell, Otto Versand, Panasonic and Tchibo.

HafenCity, Hamburg's whole new district and one of Europe's largest inner city development scheme – and where where the old port warehouses are being replaced with offices, hotels, shops, official buildings, and residential areas – will augment the inner city area by 40%, and create around 40,000 jobs.

Living in Hamburg

Rents in Hamburg are among Germany's highest: in recent years, the average net monthly rent climbed to €10.10/sq m. The range starts between €5.33 and €7.44/sq m for relatively simple housing in pre-1948 apartments, and goes up to €15.00/sq m for exclusive apartments in top locations. In the sought-after new district HafenCity, rents can go as high as €18.00/sq m. Generally, rents have been rising in areas near the city where prices had been normal up to now, making rents more and more dependent on location.

Rental prices in Hamburg, as of 2019

District Rent in €/qm District Rent in €/qm
Allermöhe 11,20 € Marienthal 14,72 €
Alsterdorf 14,14 € Neustadt 18,06 €
Altona-Altstadt 15,28 € Niendorf 12,12 €
Altona-Nord 16,10 € Nienstedten 16,46 €
Bahrenfeld 13,44 € Ohlsdorf 11,36 €
Barmbek-Nord 13,00 € Osdorf 12,99 €
Barmbek-Süd 14,23 € Othmarschen 15,51 €
Bergedorf 11,35 € Ottensen 14,60 €
Billstedt 10,11 € Poppenbüttel 11,86 €
Blankenese 14,90 € Rahlstedt 11,08 €
Bramfeld 11,16 € Rissen 11,81 €
Dulsberg 11,47 € Rönneburg 10,79 €
Duvenstedt 11,56 € Rothenburgsort 11,18 €
Eidelstedt 11,11 € Rotherbaum 17,15 €
Eilbek 13,48 € Sasel 12,12 €
Eimsbüttel 14,21 € Schnelsen 10,70 €
Eppendorf 16,52 € Sinstorf 10,06 €
Finkenwerder 8,57 € St. Georg 16,16 €
Fuhlsbüttel 12,06 € St. Pauli 14,90 €
Groß Borstel 12,41 € Stellingen 13,87 €
Groß Flottbek 13,79 € Sternschanze 14.00 €
Hammerbrook 18,73 € Sülldorf 12,74 €
Hoheluft-Ost 17,05 € Tonndorf 10,48 €
Hoheluft-West 14,96 € Uhlenhorst 17,21 €
Hummelsbüttel 11,09 € Volksdorf 11,53 €
Iserbrook 11,68 € Wandsbek 12,53 €
Langenhorn 11,96 € Wellingsbüttel 13,01 €
13,41 € Wilstorf 9,85 €
Lokstedt 13,66 € Winterhude 15,71 €
Lurup 10,46 € Wohldorf-Ohlstedt 10,29 €
Education and childcare

Erziehung und AusbildungParents with full-time jobs can be happy they live in Hamburg, as the number of full-day schools is growing every year: than one in five schools in Hamburg is now a full-day school. Hamburg is far ahead in teaching foreign languages, with 25 different languages taught and some 15 grammar schools offering bilingual classes. There also is around a dozen international schools, from kindergarden to highschool.

Hamburg has a rich and buzzing cultural life, and offers more than 40 theatres, 60 museums, more than 160 art galleries and 100 music venues and clubs. Its many expanses of green space and water also give it a highrecrational value, and have earned it title of European Green Capital for 2011.

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