Fidelio Relocation in Munich is a service provider specialising in individual removal services for expatriates and their families as well as private persons wishing to make use of our customised service, both nationally and internationally.

Fidelio Relocation Service in Munich

Fidelio Relocation specialises in getting you started in your new life, in the safest possible way. We are an global relocater, offering a individual relocation service in Munich and 23 German cities.

Information about Munich

Relocation Service in MünchenLocated on the river Isar north of the northern edge of the Alps, the Bavarian capital has a different climate and landscape than other parts of Germany: its most famous weather peculiarity is the Föhn wind phenomenon, caused when very warm and dry air blows from across the Italian side of the Alps and creates a static-charged atmosphere that allows strikingly clear views across the city.

One of the main reasons Munich attracts so many new people – 100,000 every year, from all over the world – is its openness, tolerance and bustling, multicultural atmosphere make newcomers feel at home in no time. 23 percent of the city's residents are foreigners from up to 30 nations, making it a cosmopolitan oasis in the tradition-loving state of Bavaria, while the population has remained a constant 1,3 million since the 1970s.

Working in Munich

Munich's prime geographic location and its wealth (it has the highest per capita purchasing power in the country) make it the metropolis in Germany with the best opportunities for growth and the best employment situation. 

It is home to some of the most global German companies like Siemens, BMW and MAN, but also draws many top companies from all over the world, especially in the high-tech, biotechnology and media industries. In particular, US microelectronic companies like Apple, Intel or Microsoft have established branches in Munich, giving it the title “Isar Valley”, similar to Silicon Valley.  

Living in Munich

Rents in Munich are the highest among Germany's large cities in recent years, the average net monthly rent climbed to €13.00/sq m. The range starts at €9.60 – 11.50/sq m for apartments in the suburban areas, and goes up to €15.50/sq m for apartments in locations close to the city-center, independent on the size. Rents have been significantly rising again since 2007, and the upward trend doesn't show any sign of slowing down.

Rent in Munich as of 2019

District Rent in €/qm
Altstadt; Lehel 24,55 €
Ludwigsvorstadt, Isarvorstadt 22,88 €
Maxvorstadt 22,86 €
Schwabing-West 22,36 €
Au; Haidhausen 22,72 €
Sendling 18,96 €
Sendling; Westpark 17,88 €
Schwanthalerhöhe 20,29 €
Neuhausen;  19,79 €
Nymphenburg 20,45 €
Moosach 17,62 €
Milbertshofen-Am Hart 22,47 €
Schwabing-Freimann 22,87 €
Bogenhausen 20,44 €
Berg am Laim 17,74 €
Trudering-Riem 17,20 €
Ramersdorf; Perlach 19,54 €
Obergiesing; Fasangarten 18,15 €
Untergiesing; Harlaching 19,46 €
Thalkirchen; Obersendling; Forstenried; 20,33 €
Fürstenried; Solln
Hadern 17,13 €
Pasing 21,13 €
Obermenzing 18,04 €
Aubing; Lochhausen; Langwied 16,24 €
Allach; Untermenzing 16,94 €
Feldmoching; Hasenbergl 17,33 €
Laim 18,69 €
Munich has the largest municipal school system in Germany

Erziehung und AusbildungMunich has the largest municipal school system in Germany: it operates 120 of the 340 public schools itself. Beside state education – with a number of bilingual schools, from nurseries to primary and secondary schools -, the city also offers various professional, business and international schools. The majority of Munich's educational facilities offer full-day care, and the number of slots in nurseries, kindergardens and pre-schools has been increasing in the past few years. All schools and childcare facilities are listed in the city's “München Handbuch”, available from the relevant municipal authorities.

Munich only truly shows its Bavarian side during the Oktoberfest, the largest festival in the world. Any other time it is a world metropolis with an incredibly attractive range of cultural and leisure activities. Around 60 theaters, 100 or more museums and almost 40 cinemas offer a varied cultural programme for every taste. As for leisure time, Munich offers the largest inner-city landscape park in Europe, the English Garden, one more superlative for Germany's “covert capital city”. 

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