Various Other Taxes

There are a number of other taxes that both individuals and businesses in Germany are required to pay. „Mehrwertsteuer“ is a value added tax of 19% put on most products and services available for purchase. Some goods, such as food or print material, have only a surcharge of 7%. Other services, such as medical and insurance services, are exempt from this charge as are some cultural services offered to the public, long term rental charges, financial loans, and export deliveries.

8-9% church tax „Kirchensteuer“ is deducted from your paycheck if you belong to either the Catholic or Protestant church. Other taxes in Germany include inheritance tax, capitol gains tax, property tax, and tax on motor vehicles.

In order to understand the tax system and properly be in position to fill in your tax return correctly, we recommend that you use the services of a professional tax consultant. If you choose not to hire the help of a professional, the German tax office (Finanzamt) will give you tax advice at no extra charge.

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